Google-friendly Websites

What is search engine optimisation?

A website is only useful if it is seen by your customers or audience. When they search for your site, they need to see it in the search results. This doesn’t usually happen naturally. That’s why it is important that your website design is ‘optimised’. Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! like websites with quality content, strong ‘keywords’ or phrases and links from respected websites.


An optimised website with a good search engine ranking should be listed on the first few pages of search results. I use tools and techniques, as part of a process known as search engine optimisation or SEO, to help you achieve this.

What do search engines like?

Google is always changing how it works out the ranking of websites but broadly an optimised website is currently one with:

  • Compelling and relevant content
  • Strong and appropriate use of keywords and key phrases in your headings and content – the words that best describe your business (keyword research) and that are most likely to be used to find your website
  • Good quality links into your website from trustworthy and popular sites. This can be achieved by through increasing the links into your site through a process called link building.
  • Fresh regular content and updates to your website
  • Responsive websites – sites that are contemporary and work across the range of modern devices from smartphones to tablets yo desktops.
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and especially Google My Business/+.
  • Google is beginning to rank sites higher that have a SSL certificate, a security certificate used to encrypt information.

What can I do?

I can design or analyse your website to make sure it is fully optimised. I can also analyse who is visiting your website and how they are finding it. All my design packages include basic optimisation of content but I can offer additional SEO services and analysis to ensure your site ranks highly. I take an ethical approach to SEO and good optimisation can take time but will have lasting effects. 

If your site is set up in WordPress, I’ll install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin or the All-in-One SEO pack to give your SEO a flying start.