Updating Yor WordPress Website

It is highly recommended you regularly update your site’s theme, plugins (which add functionality to your site such as slideshows, contact forms, security etc) and WordPress itself. These updates keep your site secure and functional, free from malware and help minimise the risk of it getting hacked.

For a general guide to updating sites, see  the Easy WP Guide to Keeping Your Site Updated.

Updating Theme Plugins

Many themes have plugins bundled in with them and sometimes these have to be updated separately, usually somewhere in the theme options or settings.

For example, if you are using The7 theme, plugins are updated  by going to Dashboard>The7>Plugins

See: https://guide.the7.io/user-guide/plugins/updating-plugins/

Back Up First

Before making changes or updating your site, it’a a good idea to take a backup.
If you have UpdraftPlus Backups installed (which I insytall on most sites), go to Settings>UpdraftPlus Backups and click on BackUp Now. It may take a little time to backup. You can make a backup to your server. For extra insurance, you can download a copy of the files and database – though you are only likely to need those in the unlikely event that your web host disappears overnight!

Website Care Service

I can update your site on a regular basis which would include backing up the site, updating WordPress, plugins and the theme as necessary, and any quick fixes afterwards. If you are interested, please visit my Website Care Plans page for more information or contact me.