Why do I need a Website Care Plan?

WordPress and Joomla are excellent platforms for websites because they’re open source and their amazing development and support communities continue to improve and update the software at a  fast rate. But just like any software used on desktops, tablets, or phones, they need to be regularly updated for functional and security updates.

If users fail to do so, they open themselves up to broken functionality, malware, and Google warnings of security issues. These functional and security updates are required to keep websites safe, secure, and functionally robust.

Regular Updates are Essential

For these reasons, I recommend you update your site’s plugins (which add functionality to your site such as slideshows, contact forms, security etc) , themes and WordPress itself on a monthly basis. Guidance on how to do this is provided for you once your site is live.

While many website owners think they will keep up with software updates, this often fails to happen. Maintaining websites is tedious and technical, and many website owners frequently get caught up with life, work, or would just prefer to focus on publishing content. In doing so, it is easy to forget about keeping their website software updated and their data backed up. So let me do it for you.

I can update your website site on a regular basis which would include backing up the site, updating WordPress, plugins, and the theme as necessary, and any quick fixes afterwards. My website care plans start from:

  • £20 for updates every month
  • £25 for every two months.
  • £30 very 3 months (absolute maximum time recommended between updates)

Sites with many plugins, or substantial or complex plugins may cost more, including WooCommerce from £5 extra.

I mainly refer to WordPress on this page but the same applies to Joomla websites, templates and extensions.

What does my website care plan include?

  • a back up before updating*
  • updates of the theme, plugins and WordPress itself
  • updates as necessary to the PHP version your site runs on (this is a server side programming language usually controlled via the hosting control panel)
  • basic security monitoring and scanning to verify site is secure (usually using the WordFence plugin)*
  • check over the site after updates and any quick fixes

*this may not be necessary if your web host provides this services as some higher end hosts do

In addition:

  • I will provide an update (or deactivate/remove) as soon as I can any plugin, theme or WordPress itself if I’m made aware that it presents a major security risk (this does not happen very often but sometimes a vulnerability is discovered that becomes widely known and hackers can exploit)
  • Immediate quick fix or investigation as soon as I can if your website is down (but see below)

I’m also happy to add new content such as pages or blog posts, edit/make changes to existing content and provide general troublshooting or technical advice , at my hourly rate of £20/hr.

Please note the following is not included:

  • major fixes or significant work required after an update or if your site is down. Usually, updates do not result in many issues or problems but very occasionally they do, most often after a major upgrade of a theme, plugin or WordPress, or a theme or plugin may need replacing from time to time if they are no longer being maintained.
  • fixing a hacked site

Guide to Updating WordPress

If you would like to update a WordPress yourself, please see this general guide – https://easywpguide.com/wordpress-manual/keeping-your-site-updated/

If you are using a premium theme, you may also need to refer to your theme’s documentation on the best way to update your theme and any bundled plugins included with the theme.

Before making changes or updating your site, it’s a good idea to take a backup. In WordPress, I usually install UpdraftPlus Backups for this purpose. To take a backup , go to Settings>UpdraftPlus Backups and click on BackUp Now. It may take a little time to backup. You can make a backup to your server. For extra insurance, you can download a copy of the files and database or upload to DropBox.