Website Checklist: Ten Questions

This checklist is to help me get a good idea of the type of website you require and what will be involved in developing it:

1. Do you have a preference for the platform used to develop the site e.g. WordPress, Joomla, or a static (HTML5) website that needs no independent content updates?

2. What websites (or themes/templates) do you like the look and feel of? If you have an existing site, what do you like or dislike about it?

3. What types of features or functions will you require?

4. What is the desired colour scheme – do you have a logo or branding, and should it be in line with this?

5. Social media – do you require share and follow buttons, or feeds from social media accounts (e.g. recent tweets, Instagram stream etc)?

6. Do you have your written content ready plus images, videos (best hosted on YouTube or Vimeo), graphics etc?


I can edit, crop and improve your photos and images so that they are ready for the web. Alternatively, I can look for suitable images from photo libraries to find that perfect image (you may have to pay extra for some photos).

7. If you require an online shop or buy buttons, how many products/categories will there be and how would you like to take payments?

8. Do you have a web host and domain name?

Domain Names

I can help organise your website’s domain name, that is its web address (e.g. www. There is a charge to register a domain name and an annual charge to keep the name active. I can help you to do this. Your website needs a unique name – it is likely that will already have been registered! I can check to see what is available and suits you best.

Web hosting

Every web site needs a web host (the space where the web site is stored so that it can be accessed on the internet). Again, there is a monthly or annual charge for this.

To give you more control, it is best if you register the domain name yourself and find your own host. I can help you to do this.

9. Do you want to ‘optimise’ your site for search engines, and do you have key words or phrases?

10. Do you want to track the number of visits and visitors to your site?